4 Lecture Sessions (Part 2)

April 13th, 2005

Following the previous year’s formula the lecture nights were organized once again this time round by Glen Galea who went through all the trouble of putting the program together and chasing the lecturers to find an appropriate slot in their ultra busy schedules.


Yet the informal lectures were held at Antalex instead of the YMCA since the YMCA was being refurbished. For this set we had the welcomed return of Simon Bartolo and Ivan Callus and we finally managed to bring on board Salvu Catania whom we had wished to be present for the first set. There were also two more lectures one by David Parnis and another one by Helga Portanier and even though this set was longer than the first one and it wasn’t anything new anymore since we had already done it the year before the warm atmosphere and curious interest accompanied each session once again.

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