Eyes on the Eclectic

February 28th, 2004

This event was our first collaboration with Misfits, our unofficial official hangout. At heart this event was a electro/house party and the art in it was much more of a means rather than an end in itself yet our intentions were to have a mixed media art exhibition and a video art montage of very particular animations and short films compiled off the net which would set and direct the tone of the party.


The Djs (Owen J and Brian James) inspired themselves from the atmosphere of the art and played tracks which both played off and augmented the vibe in the dance floor where everybody had a blast of a time wearing the home made retro cardboard glasses and whipping away with rainbow ribbon whips. Even though its merits as far as an art event goes are rather disputable Eyes on the Eclectic was definitely a night to remember and the start of a long standing eventful relationship with Misfits.

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