Reboot Weekend

September 7th, 2007

As a conclusion to our discussion meetings and a sort of cut off point for the new path we chose to take we decided to have a solid weekend live-in together in the YCA seminar house in Buskett woods.

The experience was a great one though with its own hard and sore moments and a very humiliating but drastically needed experience for myself. We spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday together going over the very first draft of the document I had written through the weekly meetings and also discussing our own personal views and goals in regards to the art we where individually working on. Everyone brought with him his own work and projects and presented them to the group and also his own inspirations and favourite readings to share. This weekend was a form of trial to our existence as a group from there onwards. From that weekend we were first and foremost going to be a proper group of individuals with each and every one of us working on his artistic projects. The group didn’t meet up to organize or to plan, the group met to share, to discuss each other’s work and to support each other’s initiatives. As you can see this is quite a radical change from what we used to do up till then.

At this point the focus is clearly the development and growth of the individual and his own projects rather than the projects of the group or of and would be dedicated to documenting the work of these individuals apart from maintaining the usual space for dialogue and communication. The people present were Stanley Bezzina, Kari McKay, Dustin Cauchi, Francesca Mangion, Chris Fenech, Fabio D’Amato, Mario Vella, Maria Muscat, Maria Bonnici and myself, Anton Bonnici. Even though we decided to leave the development of the written document open for further revision from then onwards we considered the group as formed and started to have monthly meetings. We also agreed that the group should be a closed one until we decided otherwise but other artists and interested parties would be invited to join us on an irregular basis to keep the circle open to other experiences.

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