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November 1st, 2006

We had been toying around with the idea of giving our website a face lift since early 2006 but we were never too fond of the ideas and designs we came up with. Even though we were still very happy with our original design we were all conscious that it had been around for three years and that it had its limitations.


Apart from the fact that the actual screen for viewing the works was too small we knew that the idea of the collective didn’t really work out as we thought it would. We had imagined that giving everyone his own space would mean that the artists would be more motivated to bring in new works regularly so that their own gallery would keep evolving. Unfortunately this was not the case and we had to chase people for months to actually get a hold of something to put in their own pages. Some pages had been left with the same material for two years or so and even though new artists were taking interest we found that the attitude was almost abusive. Someone would come along, we put up his own page and everything, that drop all their works in there to have a gallery and that’s it, we never hear from them again, not even to take part in collective projects or give us a hand with events or something. This gave us the hint that our new site should focus more on the artworks themselves rather than the artists yet we also wanted to give it more features which were of service to the users and the artists. On these lines we implemented the news box which could be used by anyone to advertise his events or projects. We also started collecting a database of links to websites of Maltese artists and artistic projects to make it easier for people to find other artists online. Another addition was the comments box underneath each gallery to give the users the possibility to give feedback and also keep the artists informed of what others think of their work.

All in all it was quite an improvement over the first site and most of its features are kept in the latest one but unfortunately a couple of months after it was set up and launched entered its non active retrospective phase leaving the site rather dormant. Nonetheless it still was an important stepping stone in our online history.

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