Ħlejqiet - John Paul Azzoppardi

November 15th, 2006

“…Hmm, this is difficult. I’ve been thinking on how to formulate this and when I start thinking about the nature of my sculptures, and the mental processes that cross my mind, I feel sick. I feel that my way of being, my categorisation of reality (objects and meta-physics) is contrary to what the majority define as normal.


I know that usually other balanced artists would begin their description by stating ’so and so is an artist and uses so and so materials/media’. Alright then, it’s easy to say that my name is John Paul Azzopardi and I am a sculptor. But am I meant to say – an artist? What makes an artist? I can easily see it in those who I think of as great interpreters of feelings/emotions, but I? John Paul Azzopardi, an artist?

If death came upon me and I find myself in front of God, and God smacks me in the face and asks me ‘how would you have defined your role in life?’ I wouldn’t say an artist, but an unbalanced man who finds it hard to control his chaotic mind. When my chaotic magnetic thoughts leak structure is formed, Sculpture!”
- John Paul Azzoppardi

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