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August 18th, 2008

This is the latest and last reincarnation of (2003-2007). As you can see we decided to re-enter the entire selection of works and galleries since the very beginning of our initiative and ditched the whole gallery website feel altogether for a better ‘bloggish’ presentation.

With this version of our site one can truly understand the full development of our work through the years and apart from the typical documentation you all have come to expect from us we have also put in a full retrospective narration on all of our major projects and phases, warts and all!

We have come to understand that documentation is one of the most important priorities which any form of artistic project should give its utmost attention to. Now that we have started a new phase and that has redefined itself in other far off territory we think it’s apt to lay our past at rest and have it all collected and explained for anyone who’s interested in it.

This was

Welcome again.

The Site Administrators -
Kari McKay,
Stanley Bezzina,
and Anton Bonnici.


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    This is a documentation of all the work done by the collective between 2003 and 2007.

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