Arovane - Stanley Bezzina

April 22nd, 2005

Arovane is the project of Germany based electronic artist Uwe Zahn. Zahn has collaborated with a host of renowned artists, with the likes of Phonem, Christian Kleine and Jake Mandell to name a few. His music has been released by various labels – namely Din, Morr and City Centre Offices. The body of Arovane’s repertoire is nowhere as large as that of, say, Autechre’s but throughout the years, his full length albums (Atol Scrap, Tides, Lilies) and other notable releases have enjoyed considerable notice, respect and admiration from critics and music enthusiasts alike.

And it’s well deserved.

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Stanley Kubrick - Julian Agius

April 16th, 2005

The name alone stirs the minds of film lovers and filmmakers in a variety of ways. One may think about his films. Are they mostly masterpieces, or are they good looking reels of tape devoid of any emotional context whatsoever? Are his films emotionless or are we lacking emotional subtleties which would enable us to appreciate his films in a more complete way? All these questions merely add to his incredible persona, because apart from being one of the biggest, albeit controversial, geniuses in cinema, he was also perhaps the most enigmatic big player working in cinema in the post-war era. He was a filmmaker who was bound by no restraints – be they financial or time restraints – a filmmaker who despite making only a handful of films, always found himself in the eye of the cinematic world with every thought that he dared to mention or insinuate.

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4 Lecture Sessions (Part 2)

April 13th, 2005

Following the previous year’s formula the lecture nights were organized once again this time round by Glen Galea who went through all the trouble of putting the program together and chasing the lecturers to find an appropriate slot in their ultra busy schedules.

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