Eyes on the Eclectic

February 28th, 2004

This event was our first collaboration with Misfits, our unofficial official hangout. At heart this event was a electro/house party and the art in it was much more of a means rather than an end in itself yet our intentions were to have a mixed media art exhibition and a video art montage of very particular animations and short films compiled off the net which would set and direct the tone of the party.

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Adhesive - Glen Galea

February 26th, 2004

The darkness is magnificent. The suburban irregular lights on the circular horizon around me dot this otherwise perfect aura of black.

“I see a red dot and I want to paint it black. Another little white dot and I want it to turn black”

Woohoo no colours anymore as I rock soothingly, on a cold stone bench under the black abysses of the starry skies.

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Broadway Project - Stanley Bezzina

February 23rd, 2004

As musical output from around the world becomes more tasteless, corporate and predictable, listening to Broadway Project isn’t just a refreshing alternative; it’s a mesmerizing one. BP’s music is earnestly incredible, resplendent in its mysterious tone and mood.

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An Exercise in Ranting - Glen Galea

February 8th, 2004

Damn life for being so short. Isn’t it just hateful the ever-going process of momentanosity. Fuck that. Every exquisite instant in this ocean of regularity, is marked by these engulfing better instances of highness. That is why we pursue life; that short moment of chocolate-aftertaste where your taste buds peak, that release of sexual intensity just before you come, and that split second where you let go of the smoke after a bucket or a drainer. We all are junkies, we all have our junk, and one type of gear I like to cook up is the act of ranting. Hmm yeah those are sure good things. I really owe it to the guy who came up with that thing. Or girl. Even though I seriously doubt a woman could have come up with that, oh yeah by the way I’ m talking about the invention of drainers not ranting; I’ m sure ranting was of pure feminine origin.

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The Third Eye Foundation - Stanley Bezzina

February 3rd, 2004

Dark noisescapes and haunting acoustic textures blend in seamlessly to create a fascinating and unsettling auditory experience called Third Eye Foundation. This is electronic music at its most tense, filtered through an uncanny imagination, for when the night starts to draw in. It’s not easy to find a specific slot within the electronic genre to put TEF in.

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