Memento Mori

November 1st, 2006

If I had to describe this project in a single word it would definitely be ambitious, ambitious as fuck! Like always we started thinking about it in March and the intentions were small. The very first plans involved a small patch of abandoned land in Pembroke which consisted of a couple of small dilapidated buildings connected by a grassy path. We were thinking of doing a small exhibition this time round based more on installations and theatrical character narrations connected to the art works. The themes we had in mind were sketchy but we knew that we wanted something on life and death worked on by a small team of artists. The original target was July/August 2006 and we started doing some research on the area we wanted to use and see from where we could get all the necessary permits. Unfortunately we discovered that the land belonged to a political party and this put us off the whole thing since we never wanted to get close to those people in any way.

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September 14th, 2005

‘Strangers’ is definitely the most ambiguous, experimental and excruciating project to date. Most of us who worked on it or helped in it still can’t really decide whether it was a success or a total failure, even from amongst the people who attended the night we got a lot of mixed reviews. There were those who left right in the middle, others who stuck till the end simply not to offend us and others that really enjoyed it and wanted more of the same next time round. If I had to decide on which was the general comment we got from the public I guess the summative phrase would be ‘Good try.’. Since I was there and could see the whole project from its conception up to its execution I can give everyone the whole lowdown on how it developed and also what was all the baggage attached to it that ultimately made it the flawed project that it was.

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4 Lecture Sessions (Part 2)

April 13th, 2005

Following the previous year’s formula the lecture nights were organized once again this time round by Glen Galea who went through all the trouble of putting the program together and chasing the lecturers to find an appropriate slot in their ultra busy schedules.

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Film Nights Season 2

February 12th, 2005

After the success of the set of films shown in 2004 Stan and Kari made their very best to keep it up in 2005 with a new selection of brilliant unknown classics of independent European and American films. Once again the films were hosted at Misfits which unfortunately for all of us it turned out to be its last winter before closing its doors once and for all later on in 2005 making it very difficult for us to have a third season anywhere else.

Merely A Stain

June 30th, 2004

This was our first major experimental work and to understand better the final result it’s important that I explain the process we put in motion to build up the project. Somewhere round March 2004 we started discussing the prospects of having an interdisciplinary experimental exhibition which was also experience based rather than simply having pictures hanging up on walls.

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4 Lecture Sessions

April 28th, 2004

On the same vein of the film nights this was another successful attempt we made at bringing people together for a pleasant experience while engaging in something thought stimulating in this case with a taste of fringe academia.

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Eyes on the Eclectic

February 28th, 2004

This event was our first collaboration with Misfits, our unofficial official hangout. At heart this event was a electro/house party and the art in it was much more of a means rather than an end in itself yet our intentions were to have a mixed media art exhibition and a video art montage of very particular animations and short films compiled off the net which would set and direct the tone of the party.

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Film Nights Season 1

November 30th, 1999

Tuesday nights at Misfits had become a regular mid-week outing for a good number of both Misfits patrons and movie lovers throughout this first season of the scaremongering film nights.

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