Asleep and Well Hidden - Stanley Bezzina

February 20th, 2005

Whatever the time of day, wherever we may be, we are always in an acoustic environment, in contact with organized sound. We need to understand and recognize sounds, to know what created them; hearing is an integral part of humankind’s instinct after all.

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Broadway Project - Stanley Bezzina

February 23rd, 2004

As musical output from around the world becomes more tasteless, corporate and predictable, listening to Broadway Project isn’t just a refreshing alternative; it’s a mesmerizing one. BP’s music is earnestly incredible, resplendent in its mysterious tone and mood.

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The Third Eye Foundation - Stanley Bezzina

February 3rd, 2004

Dark noisescapes and haunting acoustic textures blend in seamlessly to create a fascinating and unsettling auditory experience called Third Eye Foundation. This is electronic music at its most tense, filtered through an uncanny imagination, for when the night starts to draw in. It’s not easy to find a specific slot within the electronic genre to put TEF in.

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